Enerfab Ash Hopper Demolition

KT-Grant Inc. was recently contracted by Enerfab to perform critical ash hopper demolition at a 681 MW coal-fired power plant located in the central United States. Equipment supplied to complete this project included two of our KT-30 elevated boom track machines, along with one GOM-360BDRE elevated boom track machine. Attachments included MSD7-R hydraulic shears, 1,000ft-lb class hydraulic hammers, and various bucket/rake attachments. KT-Grant project scope included complete demolition of boiler ash hopper structure and associated refractory. The project was a smashing success and finished well ahead of schedule, much to the approval of our customer. At the conclusion of the project, our Sales Manager received the following note from Enerfab Project management: “Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know it was a true pleasure to work with you and your crew, you exceeded my expectations in all regards. Hopefully our paths cross again in the future”. In very short order, KT-Grant Inc. has established ourselves as the go-to specialty contractor for power plant ash hopper demolition projects via improving overall project safety and dramatically reducing project critical path estimates. Many thanks to our valued customer Enerfab for choosing to work with KT-Grant Inc. on this high profile project.