New FTM Commissioning

May 2017 – KT-Grant Inc. has commissioned a new FTM (Furnace Tending Machine) at Real Alloy in Coldwater, MI.  This is the first KT-Grant “Well-Walker” installed at the Real Alloy Coldwater facility, and includes several specific options requested by our customer.  Unique features of this machine include the ability to operate remotely via closed circuit, wireless cameras located in the operator cab as well as other cameras placed strategically to the furnace proper.  Operating personnel run the machine from a shared command center location via HBC remote joystick controller(s) and flat-screen monitors.  The KT-Grant FTM is a rail-mounted, wheel-driven unit with rack and pinion boom with perforated dross bucket.  The FTM can be programmed to limit critical machine movements in all dimensions to protect furnace structural components, as well as limiting/eliminating furnace refractory impact and damage to the FTM itself.  Many thanks to our valued customers at Real Alloy for choosing to work with KT-Grant Inc. on this project.