Top-down construction

Top-down construction, as the name implies, is a construction method that builds the permanent structure members of the basement along with the excavation from the top to the bottom.  Top-down method is mainly used for two types of urban structures, tall buildings with deep basements and underground structures such as car parks, underpasses and subway stations.  In this case, the basement floors are constructed as the excavation progresses.  The top-down method has been used for deep excavation projects where tieback installation was not feasible and soil movements had to be minimized.  Top-down construction method, which provides significant saving of overall construction time, has been adopted for major projects where time factor is of primary importance.  KT-Grant Inc. equipment is perfectly suited for performing excavation work for this particular construction methodology.  Our KT-30 and GOM-360BDRE machines are sized perfectly for working in this application, where overhead space constraints and congested work area are present.  The machines possess elevated boom systems that provide 360 degrees of rotation, permitting enhanced ability to perform digging and bucketing work without restrictions of typical excavation equipment.   KT-Grant Inc. also provides custom bucket designs that further improve work efficiency, addressing issues associated with boom tail clearance when working at steep boom angle.  Our machines are operated via wireless radio remote control, thus permitting operators enhanced sight lines and visibility to improve overall safety for all workers present during excavation work.  Please contact us for additional details on our unique offering for top-down construction projects.