Aluminum pot cell demolition and removal

KT-Grant Inc., working with our partner and project lead Melt Solutions, LLC. of Marion, Indiana, recently completed a substantial remediation project in West Virginia. KT-Grant’s scope for this project was the demolition and removal of 672 aluminum pot cells, located in a shuttered aluminum smelting facility. In aluminum smelting facilities, electrolysis converts alumina into metal (aluminum) in a carbon-lined container (pot cell). Rows of these “pots” connected in series form a “pot line” which can be more than a kilometer long. KT-Grant demolition/recovery/salvage work included use of two GOM-360BDRE track machines, as well as several of our larger fleet machines. Removal and separation of residual Cryolite and aluminum skulls, as well as carbon anodes/cathodes and refractory brick for recycling was accomplished with zero safety incidents and several weeks ahead of schedule. Many thanks to our partner, Melt Solutions LLC. for our participation in this high profile project.