Coming Soon, Mobile FTM Series II

In response to feedback and requests from our aluminum producing customer base, KT-Grant Inc. is pleased to introduce our new Mobile FTM Series II machine. Designed to address issues with OEM equipment regarding footprint and overall maneuverability within shop floor environments, we have engineered a completely new machine to meet the unique requirements of primary and secondary aluminum producers. Based off of our time-tested and proven Grant-O-Matic 360BDRE chassis, the Mobile FTM Series II machine is equipped with a two-stage, telescopic boom to facilitate movement throughout the shop floor while possessing significant boom extension capability to perform drossing function in large furnace applications. The telescoping boom can be supplied with tooling function to permit use of bucket/perforated bucket/etc. for additional furnace cleaning capability. As with all KT-Grant Inc. equipment, our engineers can provide customized design(s) to suit specific customer applications. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.