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KT-Grant designs and builds specialty-engineered equipment for a variety of industrial applications.

Mobile Equipment

GOM-360BDR Series II

A controlled diesel or electric powered, hydraulically actuated track machine suited for limited spaces. Available with many options to fit your application.

GOM-360BDRE Series II

Designed for overhead demolition work and in confined areas for integrated steelmaking, ferrous & nonferrous metals, civil demolition and many other industries.

KT-30R Series II

Captures demolition and tear-out jobs that require ruggedness, versatility and power. Designed to give operators the confidence and safety for tough jobs.


The ultimate kiln machine with a pendant control cable that will allow the operator maximum visibility and safety while operating the machine.

Stationary Equipment

Slag Door Pusher

The innovative SDP is designed for mini-mill producers to provide the safest and most cost-effective system available for maintaining furnace slag door applications.


The GEF-530 drastically reduces the time required to remove the lining from an electric furnace and at the same time do the job with substantially less man-hours.


The GSK-150 skimmer utilizes a telescoping boom equipped with a paddle to skim kish/slag off of molten metal reducing time spent and increasing efficiency.


Our most popular ladle skimmer utilizes a telescopic boom equipped with a paddle to skim kish/slag off the top of hot metal into slag pits or pots located below.

Specialized Equipment

Furnace Tending Machine

Developed specifically for skimming dross from aluminum furnace applications while providing operators excellent line of sight and safety during furnace drossing.

DCM-100 Series II

Electro-hydraulically powered machine for cleaning digestion and other types of process vessels. Allows operators to descale some inside walls without entering the tank.


Specialized equipment attachments for the safe, efficient removal and maintenance of furnace refractory and accumulations.

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