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The GEF-530 drastically reduces the time required to remove the lining from an electric furnace and at the same time do the job with substantially less man-hours. For example, two men and a GEF-530 can make a normal teardown (bands and walls to the slag line) on a 150 ton furnace in 4 to 6 hours including the installation of the machine. GEF-530s can be placed on furnaces ranging from 50 to 350 tons.

In use, GEF-530 is positioned on top of the electric furnace. The boom underneath the main frame can be rotated 360° and telescoped in and out to position the hammer for lining removal. The outrigger support beams can be extended and retracted to fit furnaces from 10 ft. to 35 ft. in diameter (3.05M to 10.68M).

In operation, the GEF-530 is remote-controlled by a hand held control pendant connected by a 50 ft. cable (15.24M). Normally the operator stands on the furnace catwalk, but he may also move to the furnace door or stand on the furnace shell in order to obtain the best view of the machine working. The normal crew for operation of the machine is an operator and one helper. The machine can be installed and start work as soon as the furnace is down—minimal cooling period is required.

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