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Integrated Steel

KT-Grant designs and builds specialty engineered equipment for a variety of Steel Industry applications.

Vessel/Converter Maintenance

De-skull lip castings, cones, and charge hole. Precision taphole removal. Reduce furnace repair downtime. Careful material removal extends refractory life.

View GOM-360BDRE Series II brochure

Vessel Converter Maintanence

Blast Furnace Maintenance

Blast furnace lining is removed or descaled using remote controlled equipment operated safely from outside the furnace. Workers are no longer exposed to risk of being crushed by falling debris. Precision burden, stave, scab and lining removal is completed, saving shifts or even days of downtime.

KT-Grant’s GSM-1400 enters the hot blast stove though a dome portal and is lowered down via wench to remove all checker brick.GOM-360BDRE Series II with extended rake safely pulls all debris out of lower portal.

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Blast Furnance

Casthouse Trough and Runners

Blast furnace tap hole and socket maintenance. Trough shoulder maintenance. Trough refractory removal. Iron trough rotary profiling. Gate removal/knock-out.

Slag and iron runner buildup removal. Tilter maintenance. Penstock blowpipe removal and installation. Tuyere and cooler removal and installation.

Casthouse Trough and Runners

Soaking Pit Maintenance

Slag removal from pit bottom. Precision removal of coping block. Clean flue opening.

Selective and complete wall removal. Grind monolithic services using rotary grinding attachment. Careful material removal.

Extended refractory life. Reduce soaking pit repair downtime.

View GEF-530 brochure

Soaking Pit Maintainence

Iron Mixer Maintenance

Iron mixer refractory lining, iron skull and slag build up is removed using remote controlled equipment operated safely from outside the mixer.

Workers are no longer exposed to risk of being crushed by falling debris. No scaffolding required.

Clean iron mixer receiver and pouring spout. Open plug at bottom of mixer. Careful material removal extends refractory life. Monolithics are sprayed for patching.

View ATM-1 brochure

Mixer Spray

BOF Taphole Change Out

Using a specialty engineered KTG system, the taphole is efficiently removed, and a new taphole is inserted and held in place for gunning material application. Water-cooled taphole drill system uses quick change system with GOM-360BDRE Series II.

With precision taphole removal, refractory material savings is over 50% or up to 1800 lbs. No crane or crane operator required. No damage to surround block.

Taphole removed typically in 3-5 minutes. Total taphole change out reduced to 20-30 minutes. Increased production availability gaining one additional heat per taphole change.

View BOF Taphole Drill brochure

BOF Taphole Change Out

Ladle Maintenance

Transfer, Iron and Steel ladle maintenance, hot clean and deskull. Refractory removal.

Mid-campaign precision removal of porous plug and well block. Hot punch out of upper nozzle and well block.

View GOM-360BDRE Series II brochure

Ladle Maintainence

RH Degasser and Snorkels

Remove icicles from snorkels. Deslag snorkels for refractory repair. Remove skulls and slag buildup from degasser.

Remove degasser tank plug. Precision material removal extends refractory life.

View GOM-360BDRE Series II brochure


Tundish Refractory Removal

Efficient refractory removal and tundish deskull using the GOM-360BDRE Series II’s 30 foot vertical reach. Ensure operator safety and increase process uptime.

View GOM-360BDRE Series II brochure

Tundish Refractory Removal

Slag Skimming

GSK 150/190 skimmer with extended boom. Remove slag efficiently and quickly.

Ladle skim time 3-5 minutes. Greatly reduces sulfur content.

Custom designed to fit location. Compatible with ladle tilting station or held by overhead crane.

View GSK-190 brochure

View GSK-150 brochure

Slag Skimming

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