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The GOM-360BDRE Series II is specifically designed for overhead demolition work and in confined areas. Its dual pivoting boom enables the machine to reach over 30 feet (9144mm) vertically while keeping the transportation height below 8 feet 2 inches (2489mm). The boom can remain horizontal at eight (8) feet. The machine’s footprint is slightly larger than our GOM-360BDR Series II model thus providing unmatched stability throughout its entire working range.

The fully hydraulic GOM-360BDRE Series II can be supplied with either a diesel engine or electric motor powered option. The 360° rotating telescopic boom is mounted on a turntable deck that rotates 360° continuously. The telescopic boom has 10ft of stroke but also can be equipped with extended booms to further the reach. The machine is operated via a hardwired button-box control pendant, or our optional wireless radio control system which is available in button-box pendant or joystick control options.

The GOM-360BDRE Series II is used in the following industries: integrated ironmaking; integrated steelmaking; mini-mill steelmaking; ferrous & nonferrous metals; nuclear decommissioning; civil demolition and similar applications.

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GOM-360BDRE Series II

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