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Years of design and technologies have been combined to manufacture the ultimate kiln machine.

The GOM-360K has a 360° rotating, telescopic boom that will rotate around the diameter of a kiln. This feature will allow the boom to position the hydraulic hammer around chain anchor clips and chains, as well as remove castable refractories without damaging the kiln shell.

KT-Grant has put safety for the operator as its main priority and has designed a removable enclosed cab to protect the operator from the possibility of loose coating and/or refractories.

The GOM-360K has a pendant control cable that will allow the operator maximum visibility and safety while operating the machine.

An optional plow blade shaped to the contour of the kiln’s diameter is available and will level off the loose burden and refractories while traveling in the kiln. The unit can be equipped with either steel or rubber track pads.

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