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The GOM-360BDR Series II is a pendant-controlled diesel or electric powered, hydraulically actuated track machine. The 360° rotating telescopic boom is mounted on a turntable deck that rotates 360° continuously.

The telescopic boom is a single stage roller boom that has 10 ft. of stroke. The boom can be raised 30° above the horizontal center line of the boom and lowered 90° below center. The tool end of the boom, along with the 360° rotation, allows the operator to place the hammer, bucket, or various other attachments in the proper work position.

The deck and boom assembly are mounted on a set of hydraulically driven crawlers for mobility over rough terrain. Each crawler can be independently operated allowing complete rotation about the machine's center line.

The GOM-360BDR Series II is suited for situations where space may be limited or the application may not require heavier equipment such as our GOM-360BDRE Series II.

The GOM-360BDR Series II is available with many options or can be specially designed to fit your application.

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BDR Series II Tiev IV

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