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The DCM-100 is an electro-hydraulically powered machine developed by KT-Grant for cleaning digestion and other types of process vessels. The DCM-100 is specifically designed for process vessels with openings as small as 18” in diameter, and tanks with inside diameters ranging from 11’ to 14’.

The Digester machine is equipped with three stabilizer legs that automatically fold up to allow entrance into the vessel. Once positioned in the tank, the legs fold down, then telescope out against the inside shell wall.

The DCM-100 is supplied with a compact electric power unit to energize its state-of -the-art hydraulic system. Proportional control valves provide precise movement of the machine’s functions for positioning the compact hydraulic hammer to access material removal more efficiently.

A specially designed cable hoist and powered hose reel assembly are used to lower the machine down into the vessel. An onboard video camera and remote joystick control allow the operator to descale portions of the inside walls without ever having to enter the tank.

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